Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome Visitors!

I just did a guest post on my friends’ awesome cooking blog. They are way more ambitious home cooks than I (see the wine bottle incident). Mary Katherine and Gardner are awesome and went to Davidson with me. Read their blog and be inspired.

Here’s a link to my post:

I make these:



If you are visiting from 2 Frugal Foodies, welcome!

I’ve put together a little primer to get you up to Sugarbomb Speed.  Here are a few of my high and low points from culinary school. I hope you enjoy reading about them. Come back and visit often!

The Background

The one where I almost severed my finger

The one where I made 9 million kinds of chocolate

The one where I make a tofu cupcake

The one where I made a dessert sampler

The one where I’m almost bested by a wedding cake

The one where I made a gigantic sculpture of a fish (???)

The one where I graduate!

Bon appétit!


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