Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here comes the wedding cake…

Is it just me, or does it seem like everywhere you go lately people are getting engaged, talking about their upcoming/recently executed nuptial ceremony, or getting up at 4 am to watch the Royal Wedding? Or the Royal Wedding preview special? Or the Royal Wedding recap? One of the chefs at school even replicated Prince William’s groom’s cake for us to try.

All of this spring wedding fever sort of makes me want to throw up. Also, it prompts visions of my middle-aged self locked in an overpriced apartment, drowning under a sea of empty Lean Cuisine boxes, wearing a pink robe and house shoes while slowly being eaten by my multiple cats. Shudder.

Anywho, imagine my enthusiasm when I spent ten hours this week working on a 1980’s style wedding cake (Um… yeah, maybe it’s time to update that curriculum?? I’m pretty sure people don’t request curtains of frosting on their wedding cake very often).

I have to say… it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t totally crappy either. I’m honestly just glad I made it through the day without either bursting into tears or slapping someone across the face with a rubber spatula.


Those drapes in the front of the cake look hideous. I’m ok not mastering that skill because I think it’s incredibly lame.

Here’s a close up of the buttercream roses on top. These are not exactly how they’re supposed to look, but again… good enough for me!


And finally, the inside of the cake. We ate some and then I smushed the rest of the cake (just the smaller top tier – the bottom was donated to a soup kitchen) with my fist. It was oddly satisfying. TAKE THAT, WEDDINGS!


Only one more day of cakes class. THANK GOD. The empty wine bottle collection in my apartment is starting to get embarrassing.

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  1. those at the soup kitchen will be forever grateful for that beautiful cake