Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chef’s Tasting

This is actually an assignment from last week, but I am catching up on old posts!

We made a “chef’s tasting” with three miniature desserts, each complete with their own garnish and accompaniments. IMG_1374

My group really wanted to push it and make some innovative little treats.


The first was  a fruit component. We made phyllo “cigars” that were stuffed with cinnamon sugar. We served them with roasted apples and dried apple chips.



Second, we molded some strawberry Bavarian cream into a seashell shape and froze it. The bird’s nest it rests on is actually long, wispy cooked sugar strands that I made into a nice little pillow. The final component to this was a miniature white wine gelatin triangle with a blueberry suspended in the middle. Sort of like a classy Jell-o Jiggler. Unfortunately, they didn’t set up in time for the plating deadline. Soooo… yeah, now we’re chowing down on a bunch of boozy Jigglers.

The final dessert was awesome – it’s supposed to be a classy take on S’mores (which I actually hate. Marshmallow – ew!) We made some graham discs and covered them with a chocolate mousse square and torched Italian meringue. It’s garnished with some chocolate curls.


I thought these came out really cute!

All in all, this day was pretty stressful. Our dishes were pretty ambitious (we had to make everything from scratch instead of using up leftover products), but I think we pulled it off well.

Can you imagine getting this plate for dessert at a restaurant? Yikes!

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