Friday, July 29, 2011

A life without butter is no life at all

Greetings and happy Friday!

After a few glorious vacations and trying out a lot of new recipes (zucchini fritters, buttermilk beignets, and carne asada tacos, among others), things have gotten a bit… ahem… pudgy around here. It’s time for a little detox. Srsly.

Thus, the following rules have been imposed upon my household:

  • Eat salad with every meal.
  • No croutons on the aforementioned salad.
  • Have two vegetarian days per week.
  • No weeknight drinking. Two drink maximum on weekends.
  • Only one deep-fried item per week.
  • No massive baking binges without a special occasion.
  • Eat dinner by or before 8:30 pm.

Ok, so it’s not exactly South Beach, but I think putting the deep fryer away for a few weeks will do everyone good. I hear the French are really into pencil skirts. You know what’s not (fitting) into pencil skirts? My booty, without some serious Spanxx assistance.

Let’s just say there’s been a whole lot of this:


Yogurt and kashi. Yogurt and kashi. Repeat.


And none of this:

IMG_2103   IMG_2015

Goodbye, old friends.


And HARDLY ENOUGH of this:


Hello, lover.


Needless to say, my home bakery has been less exciting than usual. Fret not, though, some “special occasions” are coming up worthy of baked goods! All is not lost.

Also, I’m working on some kickass healthy pancakes right now. The debut tomorrow, and if they’re not heinously awful, I’ll share the recipe with you toute suite!

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