Friday, December 10, 2010

Chocolate Superlatives

Did you guys have superlatives in your high school yearbooks? I did not, because my school thought it would hurt people's feelings. (Lame, I know). Since we've been making so many types of chocolates, I figured it was time for me to hand out a few superlative awards.

Most likely to make me gag as I'm making it
Nougat montelimar. If you've ever had a conversation with me, you've probably heard about my distaste for anything resembling marshmallows in any way... including meringue, cool whip, and most importantly... nougat. Ew. Even the word is gross. Nougat. Nougat. Here are the ones we made, full of pistachios and almonds:

Making these things was truly a workout. You had to stir them with a wooden spoon for 30 minutes and they are the consistency of tar. I have to stop talking about it.

Most Fun To Pronounce
Baumstaemmchen. (I am trying to write it phonetically, but I really can't. Just try to read it out loud and you will probably be right. It helps if you yell and use a German accent). It means "young tree" in German, because it looks like a log. The inside is praline ganache, then it's wrapped in a hazelnut marzipan and painted with chocolate. It's way too sweet.

Most likely to get me arrested
Liquor pralines (you can see them in the big photo above, they are the ones on the far left). Equal parts liquor and fondant into a chocolate shell. There was no possible way that I could try one of each flavor and drive home. I need a chaser!!! Where are the beer filled pralines?

Most scandalous
Apricot brandy truffle. The alternate name for these (which we do not use in class) is Venus's Nipple. Tee hee.

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