Meet Alice!

Well, hello there. 
Well, hello there! Welcome to my website.  That's me, cutting a salted caramel and chocolate layer cake (yum!). Sugarbomb fuses my love of celebrations and entertaining with my love of baking. I'm happy to chat with you about how to make your dinner party a smashing success or debate the perfect party favors for your next baby shower.  I'm also totally stoked to sneak attack your best friend with a gift basket full of muffins and scones on the morning of her birthday.

If you're new, here's a truncated history of sugarbomb and how we all ended up here: 

After four years living in the big city and working at a non-profit focused on public education reform, I packed up my cubicle and headed down to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend culinary school at Johnson and Wales. I started this blog to keep my family and friends up to date on my adventures.  Hilarity ensued as I tried to balance working a full time job and get straight A's in school. 

After JWU, I packed up my stuff yet again and headed to a small town outside of Lyon, France, where I had the opportunity to study at an amazing pastry school among some seriously talented chefs. Also, I ate a lot. And drank a lot of wine and played a lot of yahtzee. There were cows... everywhere. 

But as all surreal life experiences do, my time in France had to come to an end. I came back to Charlotte and landed a pastry gig at a brand new restaurant. Let me tell you, working on the opening staff of a restaurant is something else.  I was up to my elbows in banana cream pie -- literally! 

After my stint in restaurant life, I decided to take sugarbomb (the blog) and turn it into sugarbomb (the boutique bakery).  I still maintain my personal blog, which you are under no obligation to read (but you will, if you know what's good for you. Kidding).  It's the first tab of this website. 

I'm having a wonderful time sharing my favorite sweets with the some equally sweet customers. As of now, I do not run a retail store front, but I deliver within the Charlotte area and ship packages all over the country! 

Don't be fooled by the apron. My name is not really George, it's Alice.

Have more questions? Want some cookies? 
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Enjoy reading and don't be a stranger.