Monday, February 21, 2011

Fooled you!


Mmmm, delicious cupcakes.


Chocolate cupcakes with a dark chocolate ganache and… wait for it…


Peanut butter mousse filling!


Look too good to be true? I didn’t tell you the secret ingredient.


Three boxes. In the cake, in the mousse, in my hair. Well, the last part was not intentional. 

Today was egg replacer day and my partner and I were in charge of making a decadent vegan cupcake for everyone.  We sort of blew it by dipping them in chocolate ganache (which is made with a bucket of heavy cream). At least there were no actual vegans in the house.

I was worried that the chef and I were going to get in a fistfight about the merits of eating tofu.  I’m all for eating real foods, but I don’t really think eating processed soy three meals a day is a “clean diet”.  Faux chicken nuggets, in my opinion, are just as processed as McDonald’s chicken nuggets, and probably contain a comparable number of fake ingredients.

No offense if you are a big tofu eater. I mean, I have a closet addition to Quarter Pounders and Diet Coke, so I don’t judge you. Although, now that I think about it, my crippling fear of E-coli has kept me QP-free for over a year. So I guess it’s more of a closet lust than a closet addiction. Holla.

Anyway – the verdict on the cupcakes? You couldn’t tell there was tofu in them. They did taste sort of earthy in an unexplained way, and definitely less sweet than a conventional cupcakes. Yeah, it’s a little creepy that I snuck a pound of tofu in there… but, believe me, it’s WAY less gross than a lot of other ingredients “snuck” into our food every day. Um, yeah.

I ate a tofu cupcake. The end!

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