Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's day recap


I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's day! Instagram filters make everything look amazing, no? 

Mine was full of delicious food, beautiful flowers, and nutella truffles.  I didn't remember to take a good photo of dinner, which stinks, because it was amazing!  You can look at my iPhone photo instead. LAME.

The high point for me was a potato, mushroom, and leek gratin from bon appetit magazine. This dinner was really easy to prepare in advance (I made the gratin early in the morning and also cleaned the asparagus and wrapped them up in the prosciutto.  The lamb took only about 20 minutes to sear and finish in the oven. 


This made for an easy weeknight Valentine's feast that certainly beat paying inflated prices for a prix fixe menu at a packed restaurant.   Call me an old lady but i"d rather eat Domino's Pizza than deal with the crowds and salmon out on the town. 

The other high point of my Valentine's Day was this box of candy: 


The candy man's definition of "risqué" hilarious. Cute Butt! How scandalous. 



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