Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last-minute Valentine

I know how it goes. You've seen that same cute guy at Starbucks for the past six days in a row (so you're practically married, right?) Maybe you forgot that valentine's day lands on the 14th every year (wait -- I thought it was always the third Monday of February?).  Maybe someone unexpected got you a Valentine's treat and now you look like a jerk (awkward!)

Whatever your excuse, it's Valentine's morning and you're in a pinch. Don't worry, sugarbomb is here to save the day again. 

These nutella truffles are super amazing, idiot-proof, and take barely any time at all. The melt in your mouth and the crunchy nuts on the outside are a great contrast to the soft ganache center.  You could whip them up after work, let them chill, and roll them before your dinner date tonight. (Or, if you're like me, before you catch up on last night's top chef and Monday's bachelor episode tonight. Ah, romance. Sigh.)

I saw this recipe on interest via My Baking Addiction and I had to try it immediately!  Check out the website if you need a last minute valentine's gift or a sexy dessert for your night in. 


Basically you make a simple ganache chock full of cream, chocolate, and Nutella. Then you let it chill for two hours, scoop it out into balls, and roll them into crushed hazelnuts.

I like to make mine super tiny so I can eat four times as many.  What?

I put these into little bags and handed them out to everyone I saw today. Granted, this wasn't too many people (I don't get out much), but I think my wedding planner, future mother-in-law, and next door neighbor went bonkers over them!

Hope your Valentine's day is full of sugar and spice!


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