Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garden Update

I'm not sure if anyone remembers my little garden, but let's just say that at this point, I'm practically a farmer. 

Today, however,  was a tragic day for the miniature farm, because I had to bite the bullet and kill my own zucchini plants. I didn't realize that zucchini plants grow to be ginormous bushes and I only gave them about a twelve inch plot. They were cramping the style of all of my other herbs and veggies. Jerks.  I ripped them up from the ground and had a brief moment of silence. 

Don't worry though, not all is lost. I had my first harvest today! 


Yes, that is a tiny jalapeño.  But when I hold it like that, doesn't it look like it's almost as big as my head? It makes the three months of waiting seem worth it, I think.  My head is pretty big. 

I used this jalapeño as an INTEGRAL ingredient in some gazpacho. Just kidding, I couldn't really taste it, nor can I see it in this giant pile of superior vegetables that went into the soup. 


Holy vegetables.  I'm a big fan of foods that involve throwing anything you can get your hands on into a pot/pan/blender/oven and then eating it. I'm not really sure what I put into this… but I did throw in half a loaf of ciabatta bread into the blender at the very end just to mix things up a bit. 

The gazpacho was a really cool and tasty starter to an outdoor dinner. I made some croutons to float on top and it was pretty schmancy. 

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7136/7530158726_2e607d2f04_z.jpgGazpacho: Starring jalapeño. 

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