Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well, now that it's the 8th of July, it seems appropriate to post wishing everyone a happy fourth of July! 

I think we can all agree that it's incredibly lame to have 4th of July on a Wednesday. One day off in the middle of the week? What a tease. I guess I'm lucky to have the day off at all, but my fantasies of a long beach weekend were totally crushed. 

To celebrate America, I did what any good American would do: I ate a giant pile of meat.


I didn't actually eat all of those ribs by myself, though that would have been impressive. I promise that my fourth of july barbecue did feature other foods; however, I didn't manage to get any photos of them.  Let's be honest… nobody cares about corn on the cob anyway (except me, when I'm picking it out of my teeth for six hours).  It's all about the ribs and the bubbly. 

And dessert. Duh. I was feeling less than ambitious about baking a patriotic dessert mid-week. For the first time in a few years, I actually bought store-bought ice cream (THE HORROR! At least it was Hagen Daas).  I had a few chocolate chip cookies left over from work and I made some little ice cream sandwiches. How adorable are these? The sprinkles make up for my laziness, right? 

Unfortunately, I am an idiot and forgot that each sandwich requires TWO cookies, not one, so all of the party guests were treated to a miserly half ice cream sandwich.  Hostess with the mostess right here.


The celebration was over by 4pm because, let's face it, I'm a party animal. I realized as the last guest was walking out the door that I forgot to serve the potato salad.  Now I've been eating potato salad for every dang meal trying to put a dent in the giant vat in my fridge (Edited to add: I just bit the bullet and pitched it. If I never see another scoop of potato salad in my life, it will be too soon). 

Party round two (aka dinner) involved the world's tiniest hamburgers,  the world's largest scoop of potato salad, and some 21 Jump Street.   I don't remember much about the TV version of 21 Jump Street except that I wasn't allowed to watch it. This one seemed more comedy and less murder-y.  I'm not sure if the original included murders, but I just assumed that every show my parents forbid me to watch centered on bloodbaths and zombies.

Let's go America!

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