Thursday, June 14, 2012


Lately, I have an obsession with deep frying. 

Well, not really. I've been making donuts every day at work, so let's just say I'm beginning to know my way around a deep fryer. (Lesson 1, learned the hard way: don't throw the donut into the deep fryer. Place them gently in the basket). 

Last night was taco night. I had a big bag of corn tortillas and no Tostidos at home. WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?! How can I have a taco night without tortilla chips? I have at least seven condiments and nothing to dip with. Dipping with your fingers is rude, unless you are dipping them into hot fudge. 

Never fear, my trusty dutch oven came to the rescue. So when I set out on this impressive adventure, I was like "ooh! I'm totally going to write a blog post about this!"  Then, five minutes later, I realized that making tortilla chips is the easiest thing in the world.  Whatever, you're still going to read a blog post about my adventure in chip making. 

Step one: chop up tortillas. I like to cut them into six pieces.

Step two: Place (don't throw!) the triangles into a hot pot of oil. If you're getting technical, I'd say the oil should be 350*. But "hot" should suffice.

Step three: Pull out the chips, let them rest on a plate covered with paper towels, salt, and season. I used some smoked paprika and a lot of salt. 

Step four: Pop open a tecate and enjoy!

Yeah, buying a bag of tostidos is easier. But these homemade chips are seriously good. They taste exactly like the basket of free ones you get at a Mexican restaurant. If you're like me, you eat, like, five of those bowls of free chips and salsa.  Now you can do that in the safety of your own home! You can have SIX bowls without embarrassment!!!

You're welcome.

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