Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well, hello there.


I've been a bad friend.  My whole life has been put on hold for the past two months as I've been studying for and taking my wine certification exam.  This "hold" includes things like: showering on a regular basis, exercising, wearing pants that don't have an elastic waist (chef or yoga, that's all I've got), and drinking beverages that are not coffee or wine. Well… does it count as drinking wine if you spit it into a cup?


Point is, blogging was on this list of fun things sacrificed for the sake of study time, but I'm happy to say that I'm back in full force.  There is no longer an Alice-shaped hole in a circle of notes on the floor.  I mean, seriously. It looks like a Staples threw up in here: 


The exam was actually harder than I was expecting, so I'm glad that I dove headfirst into study mode. I won't know the results until the middle of the summer, so at this point there's nothing to do but wait. And drink wine without spitting it out. 

Unrelated, here's a picture of a cool springtime dessert I made.  It's blueberry lemon bread pudding with a blueberry compote.  My friend Ben just moved to Philadelphia and we had a little going away BBQ for him.


The bread pudding was actually made out of some pound cake that I somehow messed up. It originally had the consistency of a sponge, but it was delicious once I turned it into bread pudding (cake pudding?).  I'm looking forward to having more BBQs and outdoor dinners (and desserts, duh) now that it is warm out! 

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