Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A stroke of brilliance

Have any of you heard of Pinnacle Vodka? They have all sort of girly, crazy flavors like whipped cream, cotton candy, red hots, and most amazingly, GUMMY FLAVORED VODKA. Gummy vodka. Is it possible to combine my two most favorite foods into one amazing concoction?

My niece and nephew gave me a five pound bag of Swedish Fish for Christmas (even small children in NJ know of my affinity for gummy candy. Actually, I think they were just sick of me chowing down on their candy stash from birthday party goody bags). I had plowed through most of them but they were starting to get sort of hard. Normally, I just hold them in my fist for five minutes and they soften right up (is this disgusting? Don't answer that.) but even I admitted that it might be time to part with them.

When I heard about this mythical beverage, I set off on a mission to find it. I searched high and low in the Charlotte metropolitan area (meaning I went to two whole ABC stores. That's dedication.), but my search was fruitless.

Fortunately, I am a woman of action.  I have vodka, I have Swedish Fish.  Behold:


When Pinnacle lets me down, I take matters into my own hands. Swedish Fish Infused Swedish Vodka. The match was made in heaven, obviously.

In other news, Swedish Fish infused vodka doesn't really mix with anything.  Looks like there are some pink shooters in my future...



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