Sunday, February 12, 2012

Serious Cheese!

Oh boy. This weekend was a whole bunch of this:

Long time readers may recall that I started a wine certification program last year.  I had such a blast in the intermediate level that I decided to move onto the next step and study for the level 3 certification. Uh. Wow. Holy hard! Our teacher said that we need a minimum of six hours to study per week. I've been making Sunday morning "wine time". Well, wine studying time anyway. I bribe myself with starbucks and multi-colored post its.

Studying is the boring part. Obviously the best part of devoting 10% of my time to becoming a master of wine is the drinking! Duh.

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with the Ritz. I would live there if I could. They have a most awesome wine and whisky bar called Urban Sip where you can get some of the craziest American wines in 2.5 ounce pours or by the glass. It's a pretty awesome place to go if you feel like getting a $75 glass of wine (Opus One, anyone?) or if you like pretending you are a rich person and can afford buying $75 of wine. What? Who does that?

Look at this butt-kicking cheese and charcuterie platter we got at the wine bar. It was nearly dark in the restaurant so my photo isn't great (I couldn't use the flash on my phone. I was pretending to be rich and classy. Rich and classy people don't take pictures of cheese).

Pecorino, Humboldt Fog, and Rogue Creamery Smoky Blue.  Served with honeycomb from the hotel's beehive and some grapes.

The second shelf is a truffle salami, prosciutto, and spicy salami. The bottom was a house made mustard, a sweet potato jam, and cornichons. They also gave us little pots of spiced olives and a house-made raspberry jam.

Ah. Mah. Zing. I dream about this cheese plate.

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  1. Love it!!! And liked the look of the Pork Belly Sliders...hope you can make them in NJ next time.