Monday, February 6, 2012

The good guys win!

Well, unfortunately the last time I made a football feast, things didn't end up so well for my team.  Fortunately, the Giants are the best team all around (In fact, as I type this, I am doing a Victor Cruz style salsa), so they didn't need any culinary karma to take home the game last night.

The star of the show was probably the asian pork belly sliders. These had a hoisin bbq sauce, pickled onions and carrots, and teeny little buttery slider buns that I made. Pork belly is delicious but sort of disgusting, as it's about 40% fat. I focus on the delicious part.

For dessert, something red and white for Giants colors -- red velvet whoopee pies! People tell me that whoopee pies are the new cupcakes, but nobody in North Carolina has heard of them.  I have just started calling them moon pies to avoid any confusion. I have no idea what a moon pie actually is, but people nod in recognition when I throw that phrase out.

Yesterday I realized that I had no idea what the seven layers of seven layer dip are. Luckily, there's this great invention called google that helped me out with this one. Scallions count as a layer. Scallions?! Seriously. What a cheap layer.

Here's my dip. It wasn't blurry in real life. I did want to highlight my OCD layering abilities though.

If probably goes without saying that we were all properly fueled for the anxiety of the fourth quarter. You know you're in trouble when you start stress eating refried beans. Yikes.



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