Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Since we last spoke...

I may or may not have broken into the luge track twice to search for my camera. I also may or may not have dragged three friends with me. Alas, we found no camera.  We did, however, find some sort of scary law enforcer driving a golf car who yelled many things at us in French. I had to do lots of creative fence ducking to escape that situation unscathed.

Here is a picture that I borrowed from my friend Emily to illustrate how intense this luge course was:


Seriously. Are you surprised that my camera jumped out of my pocket and into the pine trees for safety?  Look at those curves.


Another addendum to my previous post that Emily happily photographed: my ridiculous city slicker attire in the outdoor sports capital of France. Here's a photo of my hiking on the glacier:


Ok. So I didn't hike ON the glacier. I hiked NEAR the glacier. I let all of the crazy dudes with ice picks and spiked shoes sprint past me. They had to climb down a rickety little ladder onto the massive ice flow. (Ice floe?)


Moving on to real life now that my delightful mountain vacation is over…  yesterday and today we made the exact same thing - we had a chance to practice for our final, and then today we actually completed our final practical exam.  As you may recall, I've had several practices. working on this same entremets for our final project.

I had some serious issues during the final practice, but today things went much smoother. I added a crap ton of gelatin to everything and hoped for the best. It worked! Although the texture was a little gummy,

Don't worry. Just when you were about to unsubscribe from my blog I can rock this blog for the next five days, which is when I will be in possession of an alternate camera. Here's what my entremets looked like:


Don't you like my lifelike rendition? I actually  needed to make three computerized drawings for my project. I swear, it looks EXACTLY LIKE real life, don't' you think? Well… at least it is a good substitute until I can download the pictures I took on my roommate's camera.

Now I'm finishing up the written part of the project and then the rest of the week I'll be home free, just enjoying the last few days of classes and drinking lots of wine. Better go hit the books so that i can enjoy my l art week in France!


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