Sunday, November 13, 2011


Guys. I have terrible news.

I have lost my camera in a tragic luging accident.

Talk about words I never thought would come out of my mouth. Here are some awesome photos from my Switzerland and Chamonix vacation that I WOULD HAVE posted on my blog, had my camera not flown out of my jacket pocket and into the treeline next to Mont Blanc:

- The fondue yurt in the middle of Geneva where I ate a two hour lunch. In case you don't know what a yurt is, it's a Nepalese teepee. The yurt was sandwiched between Cartier and some other ridiculous store selling diamonds or watches. Or diamond watches. It was probably the most awesome thing in Switzerland.

- My completely inappropriate hiking attire this morning in Chamonix (home of Mont Blanc).  It consisted of: skinny jeans, tall brown boots, a wool turtleneck, a quilted jacket (with very insecure pocket snaps, as I discovered during the aforementioned luge incident), and a cloth tote bag with a picture of the Police (the band, not the law enforcement agent) on it.  I was probably one of four people sans ice pick, helmet, and creepy ice claw shoes. Glacier? What glacier?

- Vin chaud. x2 or maybe x10. It's this mulled wine with cinnamon and orange. I'm making this every day when I get home.

- Tartifflette. This is a Savoyard specialty of chopped up potatoes, bacon, cream, and delicious cheese baked in a crock under the broiler. It's pretty amazing.

- All of the adorable puppies here. I have no idea what people do with their puppies once they become dogs, because I swear I never see a grown dog in France. It's only adorable little puppies. It makes me really skeptical about all of the sausage and charcuterie that I am eating. Just kidding! Sort of.

Those are the highlights so far. I may or may not break into the luge track tomorrow to do a massive search and rescue mission for the powershot. I will keep you posted!

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