Friday, November 18, 2011

Final day of class

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I certainly can't. I've barely had a chance to gather my thoughts in the past few days. We actually had a ton of written assignments that we needed to turn into Johnson and Wales before the end of classes, so I've been holed up at my desk like a hermit trying to finish everything. The good news is I DID and now I am free to drink vin and play yam until I'm blue in the face.

Here's an actual photo of my final project - I finally was able to download them from my roommate's computer.


I think my drawing was pretty close, no?

We spent the last two days working on savory items. In France this means:

  • macaroons filled with liver
  • macaroons filled with salmon mousse
  • puff pastry filled with smooched up meat or fish
  • pain surprise (this is awesome. You make a giant loaf of bread, hollow out the middle, and fill it with tiny sandwiches. SURPRISE! SANDWICHES!)
  • millions of quiches

This massive spread is ours to enjoy after our graduation ceremony.  I took the lead on the quiche train, as I didn't really feel like touching a dead duck at 6 in the morning. I probably made about 20 quiches, as I am a quiche machine.

After making twenty quiches, I decided to make about eight billion miniature fruit tarts. What is a tart if not a quiche filled with dessert? Am I right?

I made about 30 of them before I realized that they looked like creepy eyeballs.


YIKES! I drizzled some chocolate on them in an effort to make them look less creepy.

On our last day of class, we had an awesome Thanksgiving lunch. A bunch of people are traveling after we graduate (not me… sad panda), so they will miss real Thanksgiving. I have to say that the we (the students and caterers) did a great job recreating an American meal - it was complete  with all the fixings including stuffing, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes.


Just like real Thanksgiving, I od-ed on mashed potatoes and gave myself a bellyache.

Tomorrow is graduation, and then we are packing up and heading out early Saturday morning.  I can't believe that two days from now, I'll be back in America. I haven't been gone that long, but I feel like I've missed a lot. I mean… Kim Kardashian is already divorced... I missed the premiere of Twilight… CLEARLY the world has been spinning without me.  Hopefully everything else is pretty much the same when I get back!


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  1. Congratulations, Alice! I've loved every minute on the bakery train...the charcuterie and savory detours tasted delicious, too, in my imagination! Can't wait to taste some and to hear what the next chapter in your adventure will be! Love.