Sunday, September 4, 2011

It can't all be rainbows and cupcakes

Frittata fail:

Lest you think everything I make is perfect and beautiful, here is a photo of a jacked up frittata that I made for brunch yesterday.  How the heck do you keep a frittata from sticking to the bottom of the pan? I already put a crap ton of butter on the bottom. I ended up with a frittata heap filled with chorizo, peppers, and onions.  It still tasted good, even if it looked disgusting. Instead of taking a perfect little slice, everyone got a spoonful of frittata.

It might have helped if I actually looked up how to make a frittata before giving it a go.

Two of my friends are visiting from out of town and we were fueling up for a long day of college football and domestic light beers. While I massacred the frittata, they worked on some monkey bread. If you're not familiar with Monkey Bread, it's the poor man's cinnamon buns. It's a southern thing made with leftover biscuit dough scraps rolled in butter, cinnamon, and sugar.  We topped ours with some cream cheese glaze.

IMG 2456

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