Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sugarbomb!

Oh lawd. The one year anniversary of this blog (September 4) came and went and I did NOTHING TO CELEBRATE!!!! Am I the worst blogger ever, or what?
I guess I could say that I unknowingly celebrated by going to the movies, a wine bar, and a ginormous dinner at a French restaurant with a big group of friends. My subconscious was celebrating. That's why I drank so much champagne, obviously.
Anyway, my first post is worth a re-read.  I was sort of giggling as I read my first few posts because I really had no idea what was going on.  Let's do a little "then vs. now" comparison, shall we?
  • Ginormous, unflattering chef outfits: Yeah, I sprung for it and bought the smallest ones they had. It only took two times falling down after catching my gigantic pants pocket on a doorknob to make this decision.
  • No makeup rule: I got over it. Sometimes I snuck on a little mascara if I looked extra exhausted. Don't tell anyone. I probably saved hundreds of dollars last year by only wearing makeup on the weekends.
  • Wearing name tags is weird: Still true. But it made me feel great when the dean of the school "knew' my name. I actually just had to order a new name tag today for France, because I dropped mine in the parking lot on the last day of school. Some crazy person is probably wearing it while wandering the streets, masquerading as me.
  • Irrational fear that my chef coat will catch on fire: Uh, turned out to be not so irrational! My partner caught her hand on fire when we were pulling sugar roses one day.  I nearly flambeed my eyebrows off when making bananas foster (I guess I had a heavy hand with the booze. Shocking).
  • Too lazy to get my chef pants hemmed: yep. I realized that if I pulled them up super high (urkel-style), I wouldn't need to get them hemmed at all. Score!
  • Too cheap to buy a real ironing board: also yep. I used a miniature ironing board from Target ALL YEAR LONG. I didn't realize that big ironing boards cost like fifty dollars!!! Um, excuse me, but I don't have a special bank account devoted to clothes beautifying. This is probably because my wardrobe consists of yoga pants and wife beaters.
  • Fear that I would gain 40 pounds: I didn't!!! I didn't gain any pounds! I actually lost weight in the first few months of school, because I wasn't sitting on my booty drinking pumpkin spice lattes for 12 hours a day. Eventually the scales evened out, but I think replacing actual meals with cupcakes might be new diet fad.  I don't, however, recommend it (see also: I have six cavities).
Today, September 7, is actually the one year anniversary of my first day of school, so at least I didn't totally miss the boat of commemorating myself. I was feeling a bit envious of my friends who are still in classes. September 7 is also the first day that you can get pumpkin spice lattes. Get yourself to a Starbucks, pronto.

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  1. Thanks to my diligent sister for finding the typo in the above post.