Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bienvenue a Yssingeaux!

Today we had orientation. We are staying in the chateau (the actual school) for our first week, and then we'll move in to bungalows that are about a fifteen minute walk away. Staying at the chateau is awesome because it is basically a hotel, and all we have to do is walk downstairs to class. I'll take it!

The school itself is really nice. There's a common area with big couches and wi-fi, as well as a pool table, nice dining room, etc. We haven't seen the culinary labs yet, but we'll get a tour of those on Monday for our first day of class.

The town we're in is pretty idyllic.  People have chickens, sheep, and roosters roaming around their backyards. There's not too much going on here, but there are a few small cafes and bars. Apparently the cool hangout in town is a bowling alley slash pizzeria slash bar slash dance hall.  I haven't been there yet, but they are rumored to have free wireless, so I will probably be there for several hours a day.   I took a walk around 9:30 last night and the town was completely silent. Quite the change from Paris!

The streets are extremely hilly and steep and It should snow at least once before I leave in November. I'm interested in navigating the streets in inclement weather -- haven't really dealt with that  since high school!

People here really don't speak English, so I'll be forced to scrounge up some of my high school and college French.  Unfortunately, all I remember now are pretty useless phrases, so I run around proclaiming things like "Je me brosse les dents!" ("I brush my teeth!") et "Ou est le bibliotheque?" ("Where is the library?").  At least people here will think I am well-kempt and well read.

I did find the local cinema, which is in the library. They are showing Monsieur Popper's Penguins tomorrow at 4:20.  See you there!

Here is the view from the front steps of the school. I'll post some more pictures once I have more time to stroll around the town!

IMG 2685

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  1. You can listen to Foux de Fafa by Flight of the Conchords to brush up on your French!