Monday, September 26, 2011

Sundays in France

Um, they're boring. Everything closes by noon in the tiny town that we leave in. I went out and got a baguette and a jar of nutella, so I think I'll survive until tomorrow. It's sort of weird; since we don't have our apartments yet, there's no kitchen we can use (the labs are locked when classes aren't happening).  During the week, we get delicious lunch at school, but today has been interesting!

Here's the big announcement. I'm in afternoon labs. DUM DUM DUMMMMMM. That means instead of attending class from 6-1 (like normal), I'll be in class from 1-8.  Um… hello, that's nap time! What am I going to do during the 3pm slump? I'm in the afternoon for the first month and then I switch to the morning labs.

I mentioned that we get fed at school, but I wanted to illustrate just how involved these meals are. Below are photos from ONE MEAL, our first dinner at the school.

Salad platter:

IMG 2686

The triangle is tuna (thon), a cornichon, smoked salmon, mozzarella and tomato salad, and a deviled egg.

For the main course we had tuna and vegetables over rice (riz):

IMG 2689

The fork in the picture is from our awesome landlady, Anne-Marie, who was trying to enhance my picture. She also taught me lots of awesome french phrases, like how to talk about someone who is embarrassingly drunk.

Then we had a cheese plate:

IMG 2691

I forgot to take a picture, so here's my half-eaten cheese.

Finally, we got to taste a bombe made by the assistant pastry instructors.

IMG 2690

There was a lime sorbet on the outside, a coconut ice cream, and a rum soaked biscuit (aka cookie).

WHAT A GIGANTIC MEAL!!! I wanted to show you some photos so everyone understands why I weigh 500 pounds when I get back to America.

Tomorrow's the first day of class -- I better go iron my chef coats.


(NOTE: This is from Sunday, 9/25. The weird time change and lack of stable internet might cause a lag in a few posts. I'll be sure to let you know if so!!)


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