Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazing news!!!

(This is from Thursday 9/29)

No lab today; instead we had a 3 hour lecture/research period for our ongoing project and a 2 hour French class. The French was much easier than I was expecting (I guess the six years of French classes I took did not fail me after all).

So today we moved into the bungalows, our apartments for the next two months. The amazing news is that somehow I ended up with a TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT. There were only 3 of them for the whole group; the others have to sleep with two twin beds squished together in a tiny room. Instead, I have my own desk, my own bed, and my own little chair. I am thrilled. Our new apartments are about a 20 minute walk from school, but they have amazing views of the town and of our pastry school (I'll take some pictures when it's daytime).

Here are some photos:


My bedroom.


Dining area with a view into my bedroom.


Little Kitchen.

The only wrinkle that I have to figure out is the internet - as you can see, my posts are a bit backed up. We have the opportunity to buy internet, but I need to figure out cords, ports, etc. My new computer is so new that it doesn't have an ethernet port. DRAT! Fear not, the blog will survive! At the very least, I'll be able to upload all of my posts at school… but I'm working to get the internet set up within the next few days.

A bientôt!

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