Friday, September 30, 2011

3 things I can't get enough of…

1. This yogurt. It's made by people in the tiny town that I live in. It's so good. There was a huge line at the farmer's market this morning to buy the stuff up. I sort of want to call the people and see if they'll show me how to make yogurt at their yogurt farm (which could very well be their kitchen).  Is this weird? Also… how cute is that cartoon cow?


2. This juice. It is like crack and guava mixed together in a glass. We call it "health nectar" and drink it during our breaks at school.  The first two times I had it, I erupted into massive coughing fits (allergic to health nectar??), but now it's all good.


3. My chef. He is so adorable. I want to take him home with me. We have the same favorite movie (Bridget Jones's Diary) and we both like to laugh at jokes that we make ourselves.  Especially when no one else is laughing.


So enough about me. Here are some products that I made in the lab. On Friday, we do a big buffet where we showcase everything and take photos, so I'll have some better shots then, but here's a sneak peak.


Caramels coated in chocolate


Nougatine pendant to decorate one of my cakes. Funny story: this nougatine (which is basically caramel with nuts in it, sort of like a peanut brittle) splattered all over my hands, leaving me with some really attractive burns on my hands.


Raspberry ganache pralines. I showed these on the blog the other day, but you might notice that they are now painted with red sparkles. It's the little things, people.

That's all for now!

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