Sunday, October 2, 2011

Friday Buffet

Every Friday, we make a buffet to display all of the products that we've made during the week. It gives us a really good opportunity to take photos of everything (since we put it on a nice tablecloth), but it's also when we get our grades for the week…. except this week we didn't get any grades. I guess we all got 100s. (Wishful thinking?)

Here's my chocolate cake from earlier in the week.  We decorated the top with nougatine pennants and candied nuts. We also wrapped the top with (non-edible) bows like a present.


The second cake on the buffet was a citrus pound cake. We covered the top with white chocolate plaques (painted with colored cocoa butter) and candied limes. I'm not crazy about the white chocolate plaque on top of the pound cake, but I guess it's an interesting look. At first, I just did red painting, but it looked a little Dexter-ish so I added the blue.


Here's another close up of the chocolate caramels. I really like the chocolate bark that our chef made to display the caramels. The caramel is coated in chocolate and then dipped in crushed up nougatine (which is like nut brittle).


Here's a photo of the whole display. The other two items on the display were pate a tartiner (which I posted a photo of the other day) and molded raspberry ganache pralines.


I love that we displayed all of our work on one day.  The most depressing part is that we threw 90% of this out afterwards. The good news is that we are allowed to take home anything that we want, and we'll eat the leftover cakes for breakfast next week.  It seems like a lot of waste, but it's all in the name of learning! It's just funny to rush and work like crazy to put together this buffet table and then chuck everything in the garbage five minutes later.

Back to the grind tomorrow!!!

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