Thursday, August 11, 2011

A photo-less update

Well, folks, I have good news and bad news.

Good News: I got a new computer so that I can continue blogging in France! (I currently use my work laptop for everything, and I’ll obviously have to return that when I flee the country).  I got a teeny tiny macbook air and I love it! 

Bad News: My camera is still broken and I haven’t gotten a new one yet. The Geek Squad recently confirmed that the Elph is deceased. RIP.

Good News: My new computer has a built in camera, so I can present you with Sugarbomb LIVE!!! as a substitute for my lack of photos. I mean, I could be a compelling TV personality, right???

Bad News: I attempted this and realized that I have the stage presence of a rock. Also, I apparently have freakishly large eyeballs. (???)  I don’t think the Food Network is going to be beating down my door any time soon.

Good News: Google is an amazing thing (duh. Anyone who creepily looks at the wedding registries and websites of their former high school classmates could tell you that. I mean… what??? Who does that??? Weird.)  I’ve found some makeshift photos – which, I might add, are probably better than my photos anyway – of things that I made this past week. Don’t worry, I’ve linked to the original sources to provide credit where credit is due. Thanks, Martha.



Blackberry Cobbler Squares Click on the link with the photo to find the recipe. These were pretty effing delicious and ended up more like coffee cake than cobbler. A word of warning, though – I put this recipe into my nutrition calculator and a 1” square has about 350 calories. SWEET. I learned my lesson and will NOT be entering desserts into my calorie calculator anymore. Ignorance is bliss, people.




Salted Caramel Brownies  People go bonkers for these. A popular neighborhood bakery, Amelie's, is famous for their caramel brownies. A picture of one of theirs is above. Chocolate + Caramel + Salt = drool. I couldn’t get enough of these brownies and figured it was more economical to make them on my own. It is.

And I couldn’t find an amazing photo of this, but I also made some of the best ice cream ever – Coffee Toffee.  I made an infusion by cooking the milk and cream with whole coffee beans in it and then straining them out.  It looked totally gross and I was worried that it would taste really bitter, but it was amazing! 

All of this fanfare was for my old roommate who came down to visit me from NYC. I figured she was in sugarbomb withdrawal from the constant stream of baked goods that went through our old apartment. At least in my mind it was a constant stream. She seemed to think that I made mostly bran muffins, which is probably true. A girl can’t live on brownies alone!

Anyway, we had a great visit and the baked goods were a success. When my friend departed, I had a bunch of leftover brownies and determined I needed to get them out of the house immediately. My course of action, naturally, was to eat all three brownies in one sitting. De-licious!

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  1. a classic flashback for bran muffins...

    excellent weekend alice!!!