Thursday, August 4, 2011

When it rains, it pours

No, not actual rain. Don’t be silly – it hasn’t rained in WEEKS!

Today has been a slightly traumatic day. I woke up to discover that my freezer door was slightly cracked overnight. This led to frantic salvaging of frozen berries, disposing of various frozen meat products, and weeping that the barrel to my ice cream maker was still unfrozen.

You WILL BE MINE, coffee toffee ice cream. There’s always tomorrow. I’ve padlocked that freezer shut tonight.

As I was attempting to photograph a delicious blackberry square make from rapidly-defrosting berries, I dropped my open camera on the ground. And broke it. Damn you, buttery hands!

Apparently clumsiness isn’t covered by my warranty.  Bake and shoot at your own risk, people.

So, here I am, camera-less and swimming in a pool of ice cream soup. The good news is that I managed to salvage some pictures off of my camera. More good news: I have a whole bunch of blackberry squares to eat at my leisure.

One of my friends moved to New York this week, and for the occasion I made some delicious red velvet cake.  This was my first time making red velvet cake (which, for any non-bakers out there, should be called “chocolate cake dyed red”). The amount of food coloring required to turn cake red is alarming.

I was getting grossed out by this discovery decided to stop after five massive glugs of food coloring. As a result, I ended up with more of a “brown velvet”. Oh well – live and learn. They tasted awesome and looked red in specific lighting.

I made a bunch of cupcakes (regular and mini):


FYI, the cupcakes were for Melody, no Mo-ed-ly. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.

In addition the cupcakes, I made a miniature birthday cake. Yes, it was also her birthday.


Look, it really is miniature:



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