Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, happy day!!!!

My new camera just arrived. The UPS man seemed very flustered by the obnoxious noise of my ice cream machine as I was signing his little electronic notebook thingy. I invited him in as I tested out my new camera on my batch of cinnamon ice cream:


Just kidding, that would be totally weird. He just pretended that there my apartment didn’t sound like a dentist's office on a cavity-drilling bonanza and went on his merry way.

Oh, ice cream… why can’t you be more photogenic?

In other news, as I was going to get the memory card out of my old camera, I figured that I’d try to jam the broken lens back into place with my brute force. I mean, it was going in the trash anyway, right?

I huffed. I puffed. It made an awkward crack and then…


Damn. Somehow the lens went back into place and it appears to be working fine (as evidenced by the photo above). That’s my concerned face… or my “I just bought a new camera for no reason” face.  I’m going to go back and give that Geek from the Geek Squad a piece of my mind.

Meh, I probably won’t actually. Having two point and shoot cameras might not be the worst thing in the world. Plus my “throw your body weight onto the lens of your cheap-o $150 camera to cram the lens into place” strategy could very well be a temporary solution.

Oh, also – want to see what the kitchen of someone who is moving to France in one month looks like?




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