Monday, April 18, 2011

Time Out for Real Life

Today at school we began our three day practical. I watched my teacher do a six hour demo of a showpiece that I’ll have to replicate tomorrow. Rather than ruin the surprise by showing you his photos, I thought I’d focus on some culinary highlights from this weekend.

As some of you know, I may have a slight obsession with pork buns.  Thanks to some online browsing, I noticed that David Chang published his famous recipe in Gourmet magazine a few years back.  I thought this was a HUGE MISTAKE!!! Now everyone could make his delicious pork buns. Would Ssam Bar go our of business??

Answer: Definitely not. It might have been less labor intensive to hop a plane, fly to NYC, and feast on pork belly at the restaurant.  We started cooking these puppies on Friday night and finally ate them for Sunday dinner.


But Oh…emm…geee, they were delicious.  We pickled some carrots, radishes, and red onion to garnish and I made the steamed buns in one of those bamboo basket things.

Also, a word of warning – if you actually see pork belly get cooked, you may never want to eat it again. Unless you’re ok with things swimming around in a pool of their own fat (I am.)

I also watched one of my teachers build this sculpture this weekend… out of BREAD. No big deal.


I don’t know if you can see the scroll, but he actually wrote the declaration of independence on it. In German. I appreciate the irony.

Pretty awesome, huh? I wish someone had been standing next to the sculpture to show how huge it is.

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