Saturday, April 16, 2011

I blew it.


My apartment is starting to look like some sort of creepy sugar museum. Can you spot four little showpieces on my tv stand?


Today we worked with blown sugar. It’s essentially the same thing as blowing gas. Meaning it’s absurdly difficult. I was dripping with sweat, cursing, and catching my gloves on fire. It was not pretty.

We made bubbles:


And we made swans:


The pictures STINK because I forgot to move away from the heat lamps. You get the drift. The swan looks way better in this photo than it does in person!

My hands are looking forward to the 3 day break from the smoldering hot lava sugar!


  1. that must be why the open wine bottle is in the foreground of the first picture.
    If you send me the photos I will adjust the white balance so we can see the perfect swan

  2. @George

    I sent it to you! That wine stunk. We ended up using it to poach eggs... which was a really weird idea. Eating purple eggs is CREEPY.