Friday, April 15, 2011

A day full of romance

I don’t understand the obsession with swans and roses in my school’s curriculum. Every time I’m turning around, I’m making a rose or a swan.

I actually asked my teacher about this today. He seemed slightly offended. But he said that swans and roses are romantic and classic. I’ve decided to buy my boyfriend a pet swan for his birthday. I’m sure he’ll LOVE it.


Sooooo romaaaaantic...

So today we made – you guessed it – a swan statue with a rose on it.


Here’s my pulled sugar rose from today.  It’s quite an improvement from yesterday, no?

The swan was made of pastillage, which is basically a fancy way of saying Necco wafers. I don’t think anyone would eat this in a million years, especially considering I sanded the edges with a nail file. Yeek!

Here’s my finished product: 


And a photo of the artiste. Am I the queen of romance, swans, and roses? Um… probably not. But at least I’m getting better.


And, yes. My hat is way too small. It usually feels like my brain is about to explode out the sides.


  1. You look really pretty in this picture despite the harsh beauty rules at JW.

  2. wat was the swan made out of??did u use pastillage for it??