Tuesday, April 5, 2011

27 days left


It’s official… I am graduating on May 21 at 10 am.  You are all invited. Even my Russian readers.

Don’t be confused, as I’m not actually finished with school at that point.  I still have a fall internship before I’m done. Don’t ask why it’s done this way, because I have no idea.

I ordered my cap and gown today… this is how you know you are in school with a bunch of people who eat for a living:


I’ve never felt more svelte for weighing under 200 pounds! Congratulations, me!

Anyway, as you may have figured from the title of this post, I only have 3 9-day classes left. 27 days of classes!! School has gone by so quickly.

Fear not, there are big things in sugarbomb’s future. You better hold on to your blog-reading hat (which, by the way, you should NEVER wear in public. Blog-reading hats are totally lame).


  1. I legit laughed out loud at this, and then made Kyle read it who also laughed. Congrats on remaining under 200lbs through a year of culinary school. Seriously - I would have been pushing the 201 - 250 category after a year in culinary school.

  2. do they offer samples at graduation I may come down. Helen

  3. @Christin I like to think that aggressive kneading keeps me slender.