Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Symphony in Beige

First of all, a very important announcement: happy birthday to my mom! Here's to the wonderful lady from which I inherited my very long arms, love for creme brulee, and sparkling personality.

So speaking of sparkling… 


My plate today looked pretty good, except everything was the same color. Ew!

It’s apple cinnamon bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream, candied orange zest, orange supremes, and sugar garnish.  A few notes:

1. Sugar garnish is lethal. I have a puncture wound on my index finger from one of those cute little stick things. My teacher made a “sugar shank” and told us we should use it to escape from prison, should we have the need (stab the wardon! eat the evidence!). I thought he was joking until my bread pudding was all bloody from impaling myself on the garnish.

2. I realize that cinnamon bread pudding and oranges don’t go together. We are actually assigned a garnish to make each day. Though it was sort of a gnarly combination, the candied orange zest was AMAZING. You are all getting it for Christmas. Done.

3. Reason #2 sugar garnish is lethal: it’s scalding hot. It basically turns into rock candy when it cools, so you need to shape it while it’s in the molten state. Don’t try it at home. No, really, don’t. Unless you’re planning on committing crimes and are looking to erase your fingertips.

4. I’m not sure why I’m obsessed with crime today. I haven’t done anything bad, I promise.

5. Yes, you can see a car in the background of the picture. Our classroom has ginormous windows that face the street. Sometimes people take photos of us while we are baking. Tourists? People touring the school? Stalkers? Who knows. There is also a Starbucks out the window. Half enticing (promises of a post-class latte), half torturous.

That’s all for today. My verdict: monochrome = good for outfits (hel-LO, denim tuxedo), bad for desserts. I’m wondering if there are any colors that would actually work for a monochromatic dessert.  What do you think? Are you a fan of the beige bonanza?

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