Friday, March 25, 2011

As promised…

Ok, so there are evil trolls in this post. Except maybe me at 5:30 in the morning. But there are elderflowers. So I lived up to half my promise!

But first, I want to show you a failure. I’ll let you in on a little secret: on days that I don’t blog, it’s usually because whatever I made in school that day was terrible. I like to wait until I have something good-looking and do a double whammy post. You know, so that you don’t judge me. I see you, judge-y mcjudgerson.

Case in point: molten chocolate cake. For some reason, our cakes did not work at all. They were spewing molten chocolate lava all over the oven. Grr. We remade the cakes and they turned out ok, but we were so pressed for time that my plate looked a little busted.


Molten chocolate cake topped with a miniature vanilla soufflĂ©. It’s garnished with a tuile cookie on top, fresh raspberries, and sauces (chocolate, orange, and raspberry).


Now that the unpleasantry of my molten disaster is over, onto the elderflowers!

Today we did a trio of poached and roasted fruit. Well, my group did a duo since we have a pineapple allergy. We poached our pears in white wine and elderflower:


We also roasted apples and then served them two ways. I put diced apples in a mold and froze it, so they formed little bricks that I could stack on my plate. Then I put sliced apples inside of an almond cookie shaped like a cannoli. Surrounding the cannoli, we made a cranberry and pistachio compote.


The ice cream class provided us with our choice of fro-yos, which we had to mold into a cannelle on our plate.  FYI #1: A cannelle is a tricky football shape that you form by painstakingly squashing two spoons together. FYI #2: Pistachio frozen yogurt was a terrible choice. It’s disgusting.

Also, my fro yo looked great until I tried to lift up my plate, at which point the cannelle slid like crazy and almost boomeranged my pear across the room. Blarg. Here’s a plate, sans evil fro-yo:

IMG_1311OOh yeah, I forgot the coolest part! To accompany the pears, we made the elderflower and pistachio lollipops. THEY TASTE DELICIOUS, except the pistachio in the middle is kind of weird.

It reminds me of a bug… like that scene in Jurassic Park where the mosquito is stuck in the amber. IMG_1307Anyone?… Anyone?

As you can see, plated desserts have a ton of different details and components! Getting everything to work together is definitely a feat.

That’s about it from my first two plated desserts.  Have a nice weekend everyone!

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