Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plated Desserts!

I assure you that this class is going to be very exciting. But I have nothing to show for it yet. Today we spent a lot of time prepping sauces, dough for garnish, and other things like that. Tomorrow the real action begins – molten chocolate cakes!

Also, we are eating in the advanced dining room tomorrow, a treat I’ve been lusting after since I started school. The culinary students have to take classes on how to serve fancy meals, so they have two faux restaurants set up. A different culinary class provides the food and one of the pastry classes sends up dessert.  I’m going to try to smuggle my camera in and take some photos.

Since I didn’t make anything at school, I can show you what I made at home. Some friends came into town tonight, so I decided to whip up a little mocha chocolate mousse. IMG_1279

Look! It’s supposed to look like a little starbucks beverage.


Unfortunately, I am not the best at portion control, so now I’m left with this:


Anyone want to come over for a chocolate mousse? Or four?

Also, please note the other contents of my fridge. Behind the mousse to the left, four emergency creme brulees. You know, in case there is an… emergency. Most emergencies are easily solved by creme brulee. Also, some emergencies are caused by creme brulee, but that’s just because I’m not very good at using my blowtorch yet.

Behind the mousse to the right, a disturbingly large tupperware container of instant yeast, which was an impulse buy from my last trip to restaurant depot.

The only annoying part of mid-week home cookery?


Blarg!!! My dishpan hands have gotten OUT OF CONTROL.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have just a wee bit of reading to tackle…  


I love that the first chapter he assigned is called “dessert”. Oh, this is going to be the seven pages of my pastry school textbook that focuses on desserts! I’ve been waiting all year for this!

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