Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I thought I had experienced a cake-making epiphany the other day. I was wrong. Boy, was I wrong.

Today we made a honey bee cake, which had honey buttercream underneath a layer of ganache, and a bunch of little bees piped on top. My bees looked like their faces were beaten with a bag of nickels: 


Yikes.  The ones in the bottom row towards the left are especially suspicious looking. I imagine this is what real bees look like after my mom shocks them to death with her electric fly swatter.

Not all of them were terrible: 


The sad ones always look the best. Is this a disturbing trend or what?

I’d also like to point out that I made fantastic stingers:


My beez gotz junk in they trunk, yo.

I drowned my sorrows by eating my body weight in ganache. No big deal.

I also forgot to post pictures of another cake I made this week… it’s a Black Forest Cake but I like to call it the “Disco Party Cake” because we had to decorate it so ostentatiously. IMG_0905

Holy 80s! Check out those geometric chocolate cutouts and that cocoa snowstorm on top. The look of this cake sort of reminds me of a carousel. If you haven’t had a black forest cake, it’s chocolate cake with a cherry filling iced with Chantilly cream. The cake is soaked in lots and lots of booze, which may explain the circus-like decorating job.

Two more days of cake making before I am home free (until Advanced Cakes next term… EEEEEEK!!!!!) Heaven knows what tomorrow has in store. Hopefully I won’t be piping any more insects.


  1. do they not allow you to put your square cakes on square plates? that just seems so fundamental to me ...

    also: sad bee is so sad. it's a meme in the making, methinks.

  2. I like them so much - since I cannot have them to eat I made the Bee cake my desktop image