Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rock and Roll..s

Back in the days of caramel-smothered ice creams, or syrupy pies, or petit fours dripping with icing, nothing was more enticing to me than a giant, still-warm batch of rolls from the breads class. Soft and yeasty, these were the perfect antidote to bring me out of a fast approaching sugar coma.

I spent three hours working on dinner rolls today (braided, round, and knotted) and am now slightly disgusted at myself for eating so many of them without inspecting the hands of their creators. We picked up the dough, rolled it around, noticed that it was imperfect, squashed it, rolled it again, picked it up, flung it on the table in despair, etc. etc. etc. I can only imagine what all those rolls I ate had to endure before ending in the "reject pile" that gets passed off to the class next door. Yummm.

I myself was practicing the "two-handed round roll" like some crazy dough-slinging cowboy. If you ever need someone to make you two rolls at once (one in each hand), I'm your girl.
See? It would be lovely and round if I hadn't taken a bite out of it!
In other news... I caught a glimpse of my arms in the mirror today and was slightly creeped out to notice that they are GINORMOUS! Not in the "I just went to Pilates" way, but more in the "After I knead this 20 pounds of dough, I'm going to knead your FACE" kind of way. I really don't want to end up looking like Sylvester Stallone circa 1995, so if anyone has any pointers on how to keep my guns under control, pleaaaase let me know ASAP.

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