Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to school...

Oy vey... I know I was only out of school for two weeks, but it feels like TWO YEARS. Things I managed to do today:
  1. Forget my camera. Frowny face.
  2. Accidentally wake up at 4:30 instead of 5:30.
  3. Realize (for the first time) that the library is twice as big as I thought it was... there is an entire back section!!! Filled with a rather high tech computer lab! (And since you were wondering... yes, the library is full of cookbooks).
  4. Alert my group-mate on 10pm Sunday night that school started Monday, not Tuesday.
  5. Realize that my favorite chef pants still had chocolate caked on them... even though I've washed them twice.

We also had a substitute today. My teacher is involved in this very prestigious bread sculpture competition and was still practicing. This was no spitball and whoopie cushion substitute, was all business. We made biscuits, scones, and a bunch of starters (aka foamy yeast blobs) for this week.

I feel officially southern, as I made biscuits for the first time! Unfortunately, due to a tragic sifting oversight, all of our salt ended up in one biscuit and the rest of them tasted like... nothing. Oh well. I feel bad for whoever finds that magic biscuit with 2 ounces of salt in it!

The scones came out much better. We made a cinnamon pecan scone. YUM. My group-mate took photos of everything, so hopefully I'll be able to post some later once I get copies. Until then, use your mental cinema and try not to drool...

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