Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holla for Challah!

One thing I learned today: If I become a breadmaker, I'm definitely investing in a car that has leather seats. Greta the Jetta now smells faintly of yeast and sort of makes me queasy every time I drive anywhere. I guess the stink sticks to my clothes?

Today was a big prep day. Of course we made baguettes. We also baked off our multi-grain breads and did a taste test with the different seed and nut combinations. But the most exciting part was getting ready for challah, bagels, and foccacia, all of which we'll finish up tomorrow morning.

I wanted to practice braiding the foccacia, so I worked on some at home tonight. GREAT SUCCESS! Officially the first time I've baked bread in my kitchen. I was so impressed with myself that I took step by step photos.

The only gross part is that I don't have one of those little brushes that you use for an egg wash, so my challah had more of an "egg massage" (I used my hands). Oh well... I put a little love into it!

Getting ready to braid... don't worry, my counter was quite sanitized. Um, except for the jar of Kashi that the one piece of dough is resting on. Whoops.

Not much trickier than braiding hair.

PS This is way longer than they are supposed to be... I just wanted to practice the braiding before I actually had to do it in class.

The final product! A little squiggly, but not too shabby for my first try.


THE END! (c)holla!


  1. Please tell me you are making french toast with this!

  2. Ohhh I made some french toast, for sure. I'm also using challah to make an apple bourbon bread putting tonight... nom nom nom.