Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buns in the Oven

Literal buns. A few things:
  1. I added a new page! For those of you who read in Google Reader or didn't notice, check out the new About Me section.
  2. My mom corrected my previous post-- our bakery was not, in fact, called Forgiones... that's the name of the garbage pickup service. Freudian slip? The bakery was Nardone's.

I forgot to mention that on Friday (donut day), I was chef of the day. Chef of the day should pretty much be called "Teacher's Personal Slave". I spent a decent part of the day emptying the deep fryer with a ladle while Chef stared at me. Our deep fryer, for the record, is the size of a small hot tub. It was like some strange frat hazing ritual.

Whatever, donuts are SO last week. I've moved onto cinnamon rolls.

I once had an INCREDIBLY UNFORTUNATE run-in with an airport Cinnabon (8 cups of cream cheese icing + turbulence = barf bag full of regrets). I haven't had a cinnamon roll since then.

Today, that all changed. These ones were pretty tasty, except we put nuts and raisins in them (I think they are best with just cinnamon filling).

Here's one in the process of being glazed. You can see a creepy gloved hand lurking in the top of the photo. (Yes, we glaze them by letting frosting drip off of our fingers. Sort of weird).

We also made hot cross buns. Question: is the Hot Cross Buns song the same as the Three Blind Mice song? I really think it is. All day long, we were singing "Hot Cross Buns, Hot Cross Buns... See how they run, See how they run."

Hot Cross buns are not that tasty. Especially in comparison to cinnamon buns.

Then we diced 30 pounds of apples:

I'm still not sure why.

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