Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hard at work...

Tomorrow is my last day of Viennoiserie! That means a gigantic test and practical exam. I'm hard at work studying right now, but I wanted to take a short break and post a few photos of things we made in class.

I'd like to dub today "bizarre European breads filled with pastry cream that no one's ever heard of".

Exhibit A:

Bienenstich. I pretended to love this because it is German, just like my teacher. It's a yeast raised cake filled with rum pastry cream and covered with almonds and honey.

Exhibit B: Norwegian school buns.

THESE WERE SO WEIRD!!! The buns were sort of a dense bread (not a fluffy donut, like they look), but then we glazed them, rolled them in coconut, and filled them with pastry cream. It was sort of like eating chocolate-covered rye bread. You need to keep eating it just because it's so weird.

That's all for now...sorry for a lame post. I'll be making cinnamon buns and danish again tomorrow for my test. I will also be hosting a delicious giveaway/contest so GET EXCITED and get your thinking caps ready!

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