Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time to make the donuts!

Only two foods on this earth give me heartburn: the fake butter that goes on movie theater popcorn and donuts. I know heartburn is a very middle-aged infliction, but let me tell you, it's grim. At one point in class yesterday, I seriously considered lying down on the floor with my arms over my head. This is saying a lot because there was a questionable flooding situation in our classroom yesterday.

So YES, yesterday we made two kinds of donuts: cake donuts and yeast raised donuts. There is one lone deep fryer in the pastry wing and this is the only time it's used. As a side note: my car, hair, and notebooks now smell like a McDonald's exploded all over them.

The donut you see pictured at the beginning of the post is our cake donut. We made a traditional powdered sugar donut. Boring but delicious. We also slightly misunderstood the dough measurements so we ended up with GIGANTIC MONSTER DONUTS! Any time we make something too gigantic or accidentally, say, dump in an entire bag of chocolate chips, we just call it "American style" to try and make our mistake seem intentional. In the pastry world, "American Style" is synonymous with "Fatty McFat Fat". These donuts were definitely American Style.
Before bagels were invented (or at least before their popularity skyrocketed), my family used to get donuts and crumb cake every Sunday from the local bakery. I ate a Boston Creme donut every week, in the same meticulous fashion: 1. Scoop out cream filling with finger and eat. 2. Peel off the chocolate covered donut top and eat. 3. Discard remaining donut carcass.
Of course I insisted that we make Boston Creme donuts. These were just as good as the ones I remember from our small town bakery (I think it was called Forgiones, but I might just be stereotyping the 8 million Italian bakeries in NJ). This time, though, I ate the donut like a real person.
And then I spent the rest of the afternoon chugging pepto bismol in the fetal position.

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