Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chocolate Diet, Take 2

I decided to give it a second try, because my chef is so convincing. To remind you, the diet is eating 20-30 chocolates throughout the day and a very small (aka salad) dinner. Logic: You are full from all of the fat, so your stomach shrinks and you don't feel as hungry once you stop binging on chocolate. Result is losing a pound a week and living a life of blissful candy binging.

I think this sounds absurd... so naturally, I had to try it. Well, I didn't have to try it, but I didn't have time to eat breakfast yesterday, so I figured it was as good a time as any to give it a shot.

I started off strong! Since I wake up at 5:30, by 8 (when our lecture finished), I was pretty famished. One chocolate was GLORIOUS! Chocolates number 2-3 went down easy. And chocolate number 4 capped off my morning hunger. Plus, I figured this would be around 350-450 calories, which is pretty close to a typical breakfast (I plead the fifth on nutrient content).

Unfortunately, then I was done for the day. Every time I looked at the giant rack of chocolates, I started involuntarily shaking my head "no". Around lunchtime (11), I started having visions of scrambled eggs and chicken pitas dancing in my head. I also started thinking about how the only things I'd eaten in the past 16 hours were black coffee and chocolate and started to feel a bit queasy. I think I imagined my heart was beating faster than it actually was once I realized my caffeine to food ratio.

I managed to choke down 3 more chocolates (bringing me to a grand total of 8) before class ended at 1. At this point, I sprinted home and made a glorious plate of black bean nachos, which I wolfed down in about 5.5 minutes. I felt glorious!!!! Obviously, my body thrives on CHEESE, not chocolate (or perhaps some reasonable combination of both, with a few other things thrown in??) I think it's safe to say, after two attempts, that the chocolate diet is a complete and utter fail. At least for me... my German constitution is clearly letting me down.

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