Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am just:
  • one four page paper
  • one 60 minute final
  • one two-day practical exam

away from finishing my first term of culinary school (and a week of vacation and doing nothing). Until that point, I will be doing the opposite of nothing.

Luckily I am stockpiling posts for next week so that I don't lose my dedicated readership of six people over break. I can promise you many delights, including a pig head and a step by step photo montage of me making a strudel the size of a kitchen table.

But now... I study.


  1. I'm one
    Will the other five please announce themselves

  2. I am another one! just love reading this...

  3. sorry... I guess I should announce myself...most people know me as TCat's mother (Tiffany)...Roe

  4. I read it everyday and I think MaryBeth has passed it on to some medical school friends that need distractions from studying. I can't figure out how to post with a name so this is your Aunt Helen.

  5. so far you have four readers - I know Mom reads it -
    I am not sure she know how to post
    That brings you up to five
    will the sixth person please identify themselves

  6. It's me! Alice's friend Gretchen. (Alice made the awesome groom's cake for my wedding!) But there must be more than six of us, right? Geoff and Tiffany read it, and Haley might, too. Tim wants to, but I keep forgetting to send him the link -- will do that now. :)
    P.S. I tend to read the blog while I'm eating lunch at my desk, and it always makes me want dessert. Argh!

  7. i read it also! i don't often comment, but i regularly guffaw loudly upon completing each post.