Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An unattractive dessert

Monday's class was dedicated to a bunch of desserts that are essentially the same thing: cobbler, crisp, buckle, brown betty, pandowdy, and slump. For some reason, saying all of those words aloud conjures the image of a miniature leprechaun dancing... is that just me?

These are all essentially the same thing: fruit filling with some sort of tasty topping (the difference in all of the desserts in either the topping or what sort of dish you cook them in). Toppings can be scone-based, biscuits, streussel, dumplings, oatmeal, etc. etc. THE UGLIEST DESSERT we've made so far is a slump. I'm fairly certain the creator chose the name for it because he was in a dessert-creating slump when he came up with the idea.

Anyway, you put fruit and delicious spices in a pot, make a dumpling mixture, glop it on top of the fruit, cover it, and steam it. I made a cherry almond slump:

I usually only put pictures of magestic pastries on here, but I figured you deserved to see the good, bad, and ugly. Keep in mind that I actually did this correctly. One of the other slumps mysteriously had green dumplings on top (we never did figure out what happened there). A third slump was forgotten on the stove and most of the fruit evaporated/was burnt.
Also, I have no clue how you are supposed to serve or eat this. The method we chose was sticking plastic spoons into the pot, but that seems rather cave-manly.
So there you have it. Lucky for you, I'm going to have some awesome pictures of my plated desserts from my practical tomorrow to make up for this pot o' gold.


  1. I would guess you would eat it the same way we ate the cherry pie in the pie eating contest

  2. hey, english major. check the spelling of your title.

    The pedant

  3. I'm horrified. I blame it on a lack of sleep.