Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Night and Day

I don't know if I mentioned that I had the same teacher for my first two classes. Today I had a new teacher for the first time and it was QUITE eye opening. Some differences:
  • This class is going to be much harder than I expected and much more detail-oriented than my first two. Most of the things we make are smaller than 1.5 inch squares. Everything is measured with a ruler and rolled to a specific height. We have to make crazy-looking minature strawberries, melons, and bananas out of marzipan.
  • Despite the crazy precision mentioned above, this chef is way less obsessed with nit-picky details. He let us just eye-ball the vanilla extract for our cookies instead of scaling it out on the old-school balance scale. Since the objective of the class is learning how to perfectly shape and decorate petit fours and cookies rather than craft the dough (which is pretty easy), we get to make our dough in big groups and then split it up instead of individually.
  • In my last class, I got yelled at for licking chocolate off of my finger as I was standing at the sink, waiting to wash my hands. In this class, we ate raw cookie dough with spoons. RAW EGGS! Wheeee! I feel like such a deviant! The vibe, in general, is way more laid-back.

I realized today that every chef will have an entirely different set of rules, standards, and preferences. Our chef today had a million super-helpful tips and pointers that I'd never heard or thought of in my other classes. It's also likely, I realized, that each chef will despise the habits of the chef before him or her... it's going to be a lot to keep straight! The upshot is that I'll be ready for any sort of demanding boss.

Today we made the "cookies" that everyone likes to eat -- chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia, and molasses. Every other cookie we make in class is super fancy, so we got the "American-style" ones out of the way.

I promise some pictures tomorrow because we are making biscotti (my dad's specialty) and checkerboard cookies, which are really cool looking!

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  1. Who cares about the pictures what are you making when you come home this weekend