Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things I learned in Pies and Tarts

  • Sexy chef > Slovenly chef. I finally bit the bullet and shelled out the dough the smallest chef uniform I could get my hands on. I must say that it's really impacted my performance. Another plus is that I no longer fall down from my excess pant material getting caught on doorknobs.
  • Making pies is REALLY easy. Pie dough takes about 3.5 minutes to make and I can't understand why I've always been scared of it. I will teach anyone how to do it (and that will be $5 please. KIDDING! Sort of.)
  • I'm not the worst artist on the planet. Even though my boyfriend said that my Greek pumpkin pie sketch looked more like a drawing of a textbook than a delicious pie, my teacher said my drawings were spectacular!
  • My sanitation teacher said "poop" over 20 times today. I was trying to count, but it just got too difficult. This does not count synonyms for poop such as 'trotskies,' 'doo-doos,' or countless ones that I can't mention on my family-friendly blog. Before I started school, my brother told me that every answer on the sanitation test is "poop". I thought he was kidding.
  • I need to stop eating lunch prepared by culinary students. I received an anonymous tip from my gigantic rear end.
  • I should probably double check my teachers' math more often. Today, chef added up my practical score twice and both times I got a 106/100! I'm amazing! We have no idea what I actually got, so I settled for a "you did very well".

I couldn't take any pictures today because the practical was pretty frantic, but it was all things we'd made before. Tomorrow, I start a new class with a new teacher (I've had the same one for both classes so far). Cookies and petit fours! I'd better hit the hay.

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  1. Hi Alice, just wanted to let you know I am a big fan of food writing and have been checking your blog every day, enjoying it so much! Beth Rainville (your sister Laura's friend from OKS)