Friday, October 8, 2010

Separation Anxiety

I took all these fab photos in class yesterday... but I've gone on a journey and my camera is in the pocket of my chef pants. Thankfully, they are not in the washing machine. This is what happens when I wear the big mama pants... I could have a Volkswagen in the pocket and not notice.

Until my happy reunion with the camera, I'll give you another words only post. Last night I flew up north and was naturally delayed for many hours (you can't see me, but I'm shaking my fist at the city of Newark). Some interesting things about my flight:
  • I volunteered to give up my seat for a first-class ticket on the next flight and $250. The difference in time between the two flights (since my original flight was delayed) was only 30 minutes. I should have guessed that the second flight would be delayed too. FAIL. Oh well... I've been looking for an excuse to eat Sbarro anyway.
  • In the end, waiting for first class was WORTH IT. It was more like a nightclub than a flight. The flight attendant kept filling my little dixie cup of wine the entire time. The guy behind me drank at least five mini-bottle gin and tonics.
  • When they passed around the snack basket, I almost spit out my cheap white whine because it was filled with miniature biscotti. A few hours ago, I had made (I kid you not) 300 miniature biscotti. Mine looked better (no offense US Air). I should have taken one to bring back to Chef, but seriously just looking at those biscotti was giving me a stomach ache.
  • Speaking of... I may have overdone it on the cookie eating yesterday. We make a LOT of cookies. Trying one of each kind, I realize, will rapidly result in diabetes.
  • As I was leaving the plane, the flight attendant pulled out a GIGANTIC bedazzled sombrero from the special flight attendant closet. I guess it really was a party plane.

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  1. Maybe bedazzling is back! Can't wait to see some cookie/biscotti pictures next week. Have fun in NJ!