Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

I've got to be honest, the Fourth of July has never been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it's because I can only tolerate, like, thirty minutes of sun time before getting burnt and parched. Or that I hate swimming. And sweating. I don't know, give me snow booties and a santa hat any day.  Or a big turkey and the Thanksgiving day parade (and the dog show immediately following, clearly).   But, who am I kidding? Any holiday with champagne and cookies involved is good enough for me. Also, summer holidays are even better when you have friends with lake houses.  (I have two… did I mention that? Lucky me!) 


I made my very favorite crumb bars to bring to the lake-- these are bourbon-spiked blueberry and peach.  I definitely ate one for breakfast on July 4th, because THIS IS AMERICA and I do what I want.

I brought these mini hand pies to a party and overheard some guy saying that they were just ok and the filling wasn't sweet enough. I'm sorry, SIR, but berry lemon filling needn't  be too sweet.  It's tangy, dammit! I was highly offended and made a mental note to cold shoulder this dude for the rest of eternity.  An hour later I saw him eating a bowl of Cool Whip so clearly his opinion means nothing.


On July 5th, we had a dinner party at my house which, unfortunately, is not on a lake. Check out these adorable appetizers my husband made:

We had some leftover duck breast in the freezer (from a restaurant dinner). If you're ever wondering if you should take home the last four bites of your restaurant dinner, the answer is yes. This is why man invented croistini.   We seared the duck and put it on toasts spread with goat cheese.  I made a cherry and sage compote to complement the duck.  We fancy. 


Of course, no summer party is complete with out some sort of caprese. I saw this on pinterest and thought, how adorable! I can make this! As with most things on Pinterest, um, I can't make that. How the heck did they get them to stand up like that?  Here's what I ended up with:

Not exactly a Pinterest fail,  though. They were still delicious! 

Those were the culinary high points of the weekend. Some other high points included: 

  • Seeing a hot dog food boat (as opposed to a food truck)
  • Making brownies in a skillet and feeling super southern
  • Watfching my friends wakeboard. Not having to wakeboard myself. 
  • Not getting sunburn! Water babies unite!
  • Watching cirque du soleil and having a fancy dinner at my favorite restaurant beforehand. Nothing prepares you for watching sinewy girls in spandex twirling around a hula hoop like eating a ginormous steak, AMIRIGHT?
That's about all! Let's go America! 


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